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the last year of my 20's. must dos before I am 30

Dionne de Stadler
My name is Meghen and this is my “let go” tattoo. I’m learning to let go of a lot of things from my past that drag me down & it’s been no easy task. It’s my little reminder & I love it! Chris at Art & Soul tattoo in Fort Myers did a great job!


Hikes in Cape Town and Surrounds | Walking and Hiking in the Western Cape

Space to Breathe: Hiking Trails We Can All Enjoy

From Knife’s Edge and Lion’s Head to Pipe Track and Krom River, secluded and lesser-known trails, plus hikes further afield in the Western Cape. Our selection of hiking trails ranges from beginner and child-friendly to more challenging routes. Watch the sunrise or sunset perched atop a majestic mountain, marvel at a waterfall, bring the children and get some fresh air and exercise on Cape Town’s hiking and walking trails

dancing in the rain - Google Search

One Direction Preferences #4 Dancing In The Rain

Liam He just loves too twirl you around in the rain, cause it says that it makes him feel like hes in a romantic movie. Zayn He isn’t the one to dance in the rain or anything but when he does, he makes it unforgettable <3 Louis Louis love to dance in the rain!!! but u on the other hand didn’t like it so much, you couldn’t dance that one but one day Louis picked you up and ran outside in the rain and gave you some dancing lesson. From that day on you were the one that would drag Louis outside…

Lambert Bay - a beautiful sunset to end off an a weekend getaway with my guy & friends

Lambert Bay - a beautiful sunset to end off an a weekend getaway with my guy & friends

Museums in Cape Town | History & Museums in Cape Town

Cape Town’s Museums: From Fascinating To Freaky

Explore Cape Town’s rich history and culture with this selection of museums in and around the city centre, including some that are further away but definitely worth a visit. Which one of these moments frozen in time is the creepiest?