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Gun Gale Online Sinon and Kirito this is so hilarious

Now this is what I thought of after Kirito deflected the sniper bullet. "How would he deflect a minigun's bullets?" Then I remembered how he got the money to buy his gear.

SERE LA PRIMERA EN TENERTO!!!! *corre a la velocidad de la luz*

Ladies And Gentlemen, The First Step Of Virtual Gaming. *Not really the first, since Oculus Rift , but I guess this could be the first for gaming consoles*

Naruto 692 - Naruto Vs Sasuke the Final Battle! by on @DeviantArt

Manga/Anime Naruto Lineart, Color, Bg & effects by me: Original Artwork by: Masashi Kishimoto © Sasuke belong to: Ma. Naruto 692 - Naruto Vs Sasuke the Final Battle!

kaneki fanart by christianamiel21 on DeviantArt

For day 8 of my favorite anime character I have chosen Tokyo Ghoul, the badass hitman with a badass mask.

Artist: Itsbirdy | Tokyo Ghoul

Sorry for the late progress post! I’ve been out and about all day leveling up. Looking forward to inking this later on with a fresh new set of black markers, but right now I have plenty of work to catch up on ≠].