an empty room with white walls and wooden flooring next to a set of stairs
there is a stair case in the house
Organic Villa
there is a white chair next to the stairs
Home Tour | Cobble Hill Brownstone by nune | Global Design | est living
a white curved counter in the middle of a room with shelves and plants on it
A Parisian Hôtel Particulier Revamped Into a Stylish Dream Home
the spiral staircase in this modern house is made out of white marble
Step Inside a Tranquil Five-Story Home on the Outskirts of Paris
a white spiral staircase next to a chair in a room with wooden walls and flooring
a white staircase with wooden handrails and wood flooring in an empty room
Khoury Vogt Architects on Instagram: “We love the juxtaposition of the hard lines of this metal delicately climbing the soft whiteness of these stairs. // imagery…”
a round table sitting in the middle of a room next to a spiral stair case
Kim Kardashian Posts Photos Of Her Mansion And It’s So Empty, People Start Hilariously Roasting It
a room with a spiral staircase and round rugs on the floor next to it
Découvertes Design: Semaine du 10 Juin 2019 - Husk Design
a white staircase in a house with wood flooring and wooden beams on the ceiling