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Wow how powerful What they hate is their own lack of self-control, so they control you. What they despise is your strength. What they hold in utmost contempt is your refusal to be controlled and to accept their lie that it's your fault.

PTSD Is Not A Joke. It's Life..A Bad Life You Don't Know How It Is Till You've Experienced It.

PTSD - This has changed my entire life and personality. After 5 years of isolation, depression, fear and being in a constant fight or flight state I'm finally starting to feel strong enough to deal with it. It's like purposely pouring salt and alcohol int

PTSD...my walk with the most beautiful man I know!

Woah woah as much as I agree with bits about ptsd! Saying I'm not crazy or bipolar is harsh! Coming from people that know mental illness shouldn't you be trying to break stereotypes instead of encouraging.