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Tudo era tão espontânea, tão natural, que nem encontraram nada de estranho que, de repente, minha mão estava em sua mão e nós olhamos para os nossos olhos como dois tolos.

Would you look at that. It is exactly how I naturally desire to kiss you the first time, every time we see one another after any sort of absence, without ever having read this.

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Miss you

Not really that I miss you or am waiting for you to miss me but more like I feel as though I'm not worth the time it takes to reply.

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What's the use of thinking ur pretty when actually ur heart is ugly, ur beauty doesn't define you

You can walk right past all those "rules" and "concepts" they use to control your behavior and simply "do" what you want. Don't let their opinions mix in your head with what you know you will do. Just do.99% of the difficulty and depression in your life is dealing with others illogical thoughts and how to change them somehow. You cant fix broken minds. Clean yours like on pesach of all the "sour bread" of their intrusion to your rational thinking. Sweep it out. Bye bye now!

Good things come to those who believe, better things come to those who are patient and the best things come to those who don't give up