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Цветовая палитра №2498 | IN COLOR BALANCE

Would like the quilt with the blue as the 'background' and the golds/browns as the front color. Would make a fabulous masculine palate.

Wear colour with confidence

Here you see warm and cold colours. Warm colours are made with red , yellow and orange, they make you think about the warmth and make it cozie. Cold colours are blue, green and light purple they make you think about water and cold.

Split Complementary. Split complementary colors give variety to simple complementary colors. Thus, instead of the direct opposite, you use the two colors that are adjacent to its direct complement. This can produces an interesting outfit, yet perfectly balanced.

the triadic color harmony is composed of three colors equally spaced around the color wheel. It creates a strong visual contrast but still retains the balance and color richness.

Duck egg matches, beautiful design for tiny things

For those of you who struggle choosing quilt fabrics, these color palettes take out the guesswork! Color idea for outside of the house. Blue all the way to the right.

beige color, brown shades, chocolate color, color matching, gray-green, green color, house color scheme, olive color, warm shades of brown.

Calm, balanced palette in warm, soft colors. Pastel shades are very comfortable and harmonious. They fill the atmosphere with comfort, relaxation, confiden