David Domenico Spagnolo

David Domenico Spagnolo

David Domenico Spagnolo
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Incredible Bonsai Tree More

Look at the amazing color on this bonsai tree! Bonsai trees are sweeping the nation with the classic, zen ambiance they create in any home décor! See more bonsai trees like this one at www.

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DIY ideas on how to reuse and upcycle old stuff you already have to make beautiful and useful things for your home. Most of these ideas are easy and cheap to make and can be done as a small weekend project.

The Samurai #infographic Más

The Samurai were highly skilled Japanese warriors that hailed from noble families and served the local lords. Read 7 interesting facts about the Samurai.


How to draw a man fighting - samurai - stances - walking - different poses - drawing reference

Samurai Sword's handle details

Description of a katana sword, a weapon that plays a part in my SIGN OF THE DRAGON, set in Seattle's Underground (below the city's old Japan Before the Internment, Seattle's Japan Town was five times larger than its Chinatown.