Comfort in a bowl for $1 a serving. Savory beef, the sweetness of peas and carrots topped with creamy mashed potatoes. This satisfies the tummy and soothes the soul.

Budget Shepherd's Pie

Succulent beef mixed with the sweetness of peas and carrots topped with creamy mashed potatoes satisfies the tummy and soothes the soul.

Shepherd’s pie is an incredible comfort food. Delicious, super flavorful meaty filling topped with a mound of rich, buttery mashed potatoes!

Alton Brown Shepherd's Pie

I added a little red wine to the meat mixture and parmesan cheese to the potatoes. Good comfort food, but nothing great.

Curried Beef Roti - Now you can make snack sized Beef Stuffed Godhamba roti, a popular Sri Lankan snack, right at home. Spiced ground beef, wrapped in a thin soft roti and the perfect appetizer or party snack!

Curried Beef Roti (Sri Lankan Beef Roti)

Curried ground beef with peas and potatoes, wrapped in a delicious, non-flaky roti and cooked on a griddle or nonstick pan till golden brown and crispy!

This curry recipe came from Grey Street in Durban, and was traditionally made not of bunnies, but mutton. During the Great Depression, all races in Durban, South Africa, went hungry like everyone else.

This is Durban's iconic Street Food - curry served in a hollowed out quarter loaf of bread.

We have 10 fantastic cauliflower meals, with a little treat for the banting enthusiasts.

Who needs spuds for a topping when you have cauliflower mash instead? This filling for this comforting winter classic is traditionally made with beef mince, but you could also shake things up and use ostrich mince