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150114-south-africa-04.jpg (739×559)

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Think Israel is an apartheid state? A short animation by Video Activism Participant Jake Berg.

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Remembering Alf Kumalo: Chronicler Of Life Under Apartheid

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The Guardian, 7 December This edited eye-witness account of the action by South African police in a black township near Cape Town was written by a ‘coloured’ teacher in a letter to a friend in Britain

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A look back at Mandela’s life, from his days as an activist in apartheid-era South Africa to his Presidency.

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South African police beat women with clubs in Durban South Africa on on April 17 1962 when the women raided and set fire to a beer hall in protest of police action against their home brewing activities.

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Black students rally in the Soweto township after the funeral of Dumisani Mbatha, a sixteen-year-old student who died in jail after being arrested at a protest march, in Photograph: AP.

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The Aversion Project South Africa’s apartheid army forced white lesbian and gay…


Jumbo verwelkomt toch Sint en Piet in supermarkt - De Gelderlander

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Police baton charge a group of strikers at a textile factory including this elderly man, Gauteng, South Africa, 1961