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Photographer creates tiny, life-like scenes with Lego (By Samsofy)

Photographer creates tiny, life-like scenes with Lego (By Samsofy)

Spring is fast approaching, so are you planning to grow a healthy and beautiful vegetable garden that will help beautify your home’s outdoor and be a place of relaxation? Growing your own fruits and vegetables in the yard lets you spend more time outside, at the same time saves your money for buying organic food. […]

Use landscaping rocks to build a series of raised garden beds and put a galvanized water trough in the center of garden for easy watering - 22 Ways for Growing a Successful Vegetable Garden - Vegetable Gardening

Sunny Simple Life: Make Your Own Compost Holder

How to make an easy DIY compost holder using metal hardware cloth. When compost is done just lift the holder and spread where you need your rich homemade compost.


How to Build a Potato Tower - Gardening world. I think I need a potato tower this year. Also some garlic and onion in the garden. Those are our high demand items.

Using the pneumatic C clip tool

“Haven’t you noticed that the basic premise of a welded mesh gabion wall is that it uses rectilinear components”.