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a group of people dressed in pink and wearing costumes with bows on their heads, standing next to each other
Stupid love
two women are hugging each other in front of a poster for the show drag queen
lady with pink hair and piercings posing in front of a poster for her album
a woman in tights and knee high boots on a skateboard
a woman with pink hair sitting on a chair in front of a mixing desk and sound equipment
“Rain On Me” debuts at #2 on the YouTube US Daily Chart with only 11 hours of tracking at 4,475K views (5/22)
a woman with pink hair sitting in front of a mixing desk
We Could Be Lovers
lady with silver hair sitting on the floor in front of microphones and wearing black boots
These Photos of Lady Gaga Posing With Her 5 MTV VMAs Trophies Are Too Powerful
lady sitting on the floor with her arms in the air, surrounded by five trophies
Lady Gaga: 9 look con mascherina agli MTV VMA 2020
two people on stage with one holding the hand of another person's arm and wearing boots
a woman kneeling down on the ground with her legs crossed
X. It’s what’s happening
a woman with pink hair and makeup is holding her hand up to the side while wearing a red bra
the blonde haired lady is stepping out of her car
Lady Gaga puts on an intimate show for her Apollo Theater debut