Darshan Naidoo

Darshan Naidoo

Durban / I am all the good adjectives and none of the bad ones! I am more than what meets the eye and I am full of surprises.
Darshan Naidoo
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Creative Handmade Birthday Gifts For Boyfriend

The design is for a birthday invitation, but it's a great idea for a launch party invitation! Encourage your guests to bring their balloons. They can double as a party game if you put little messages inside of them!

Such a good idea to remind us to give our worries to Jesus and leave them there!

Will use this idea for my Worry Jar. Prayer Jar- write down things you are worried about and want to pray about; then put them in the jar to loom back on over time

Toothbrush Bible Object Lesson for Kids

Everyday objects have the potential to illustrate important biblical concepts like purity and living a holy life. One way to demonstrate God’s standard of holines…