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a rock that has been made to look like a dragonfly on it
Leaf Magazine, Issue 5, Spring 2013
Mosaic dragonfly rock. By Cheri.
some rocks with designs on them and a plant growing out of the heart shaped rock
Mosaic Garden Stones
Mosaic Garden Stones - Inspiration. Glue everything down with a silicone type of adhesive then grout. Laticrete - SpectraLock Stain proof "Epoxy "Grout. It has 3 parts a are liquids and c is the powder color. Available at Lowes
a decorative ball sitting on the ground next to some plants
Bowling Ball Gazing Ball
What a great idea!!! I made some of these before using free bowling balls from our local bowling alley.
a large colorful ball sitting on top of a wooden table next to plants and bushes
229 best images about Mosaic Spheres
a colorful mosaic ball sitting on top of the grass
SW Swirl close up
mosaic-covered ball
three colorful vases sitting next to each other on a white counter top in front of a wall
Decorating Ideas
Mosaic Concrete Garden Balls #Globes #spheres #orbs
many different types of mosaic balls are shown in this collage with blue and green accents
artful explorations: Mosaic Garden
a blue mosaic glass ball sitting on top of a metal stand in front of some bushes
dragonfly #mosaic bowling ball
a mosaic fountain with two balls in it
Fine Art — All Cracked Up Mosaics
Mosaic Garden Water Fountain...water in the garden...what more could you ask for...
a person is using scissors to cut the bottom part of a piece of paper with text overlay
Mosaic How To | Get Right Fit and Shape from Tiles
When creating a mosaic, there are areas you will need to pay special attention to in order to get the right fit as well as the right shape. Follow these 5 steps!
a blue and white vase sitting on top of a table