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a colorful sweater hanging on a wall next to a chair
Chunky Crop Womens Pastel Tones Cardigan Long Balloon Sleeves - Etsy
hand-knit wool sweater
a knitted sweater hanging from a clothes rack on a patio table with chairs in the background
Happy Hygge Vest Digital Download Cropped Knit Sweater Vest Pattern Seamless Easy Knit Beginner Friendly Chunky Knit - Etsy
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💚Feel cozy and chic at home with this green cardigan
a blue knitted sweater hanging on a white hanger and it is unzipped
Honey BiBi Sweater — GoldFreckles.
Couture, Dirndl, Knit Cardigan, Knit Fashion, Knit Alpaca, Crochet Fashion, Cable Knit
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the green sweater is made from wool and has a ribbing pattern on the shoulders
21 Affordable Picks I Have in My Cart, Starting at Just $3
a crocheted top with sunflowers on it hanging from a hook, next to a yellow flower
three sweaters hanging on a clothes rack in front of a white wall and two hangers
a green and yellow crocheted sweater with sunflowers on the front, sitting on a blue blanket
Made a sunflower cardigan! Really happy with how it turned out :)