Dannealle Smith

Dannealle Smith

South Africa- Cape Town / I write. I take pictures. Observing the world and the humans who live in it.
Dannealle Smith
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Dandavats | Serving Krishna by Serving Tulasi

By Vishakha Devi Dasi Srila Jiva Gosvami, arguably one of the greatest spiritual scholars in the history of religion, said that one does not really accept God unless one accepts his inconceivable n…

Love this

I heard of this a long time ago. so powerfull! Ubuntu: a South African theory of 'humanity towards others', often used in a more philosophical sense as 'the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity'.

yasuaki onishi - installation - reverse of volume - plastic sheeting + black hot glue = “casting the invisible” he drapes  plastic sheeting over stacked cardboard boxes  then removes them, leaving only their impressions/ negative space

Yasuaki Onishi - Uses plastic sheeting & black hot glue to create a monumental, floating form. The process he calls “casting the invisible” involves draping plastic sheeting over stacked cardboard boxes.

Wise words from Dr. Seuss…

I love cat in hat, and Dr. And so true, memories are so unpredictable. The trips I thought I'd remember forever aren't, and the worst things became funniest memories!

Photo: ★ Where The "Happiness" Comes From ? _________________________________ ◆ Beishi Guohan's Commentary : ----- ★ "True peace, harmony, altruism and happiness" lie in a "peaceful mind" ! ★ A "peaceful mind" lies in a "mind of wisdom of no- self and com

Amazing book...

Love this idea! The Rembrandt Book Bracelet has won the 2015 Rijksmuseum Studio Award for objects inspired by books - by Lyske Gais and Lia Duinker