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a drawing with stars on it that says, just because not everything is okay it doesn't mean you can't get going to be clown
VSCO - | words-n-quotes
there is a quote on the wall in this room
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a woman's face is shown behind a white sheet with the words, for women i have nothing to fear
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a white paper with a quote on it sitting in the middle of water next to a shore line
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a black and white photo with a quote from h k lovecraft on the image
H.P. Lovecraft - Random Glory
H.P. Lovecraft
a man in a suit and tie is holding up his shirt with words on it
Hand Lettering - vol 4
Hand Lettering - vol 4 by Ian Barnard, via Behance
an abstract painting with the words take deep breath in the hills and valleys above it
aug 31, 2018
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a pink and white tiled wall with words written on it