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Whiskey flavor profiles - 86 scotch whiskies, 12 flavor categories

I included this on my scotch board although they did spell whisky wrong. In case you don't know Scotch is spelled whisky, Irish and American is spelled whiskey.

Weird Wine Flavors and the Science Behind Them #Wine #Wineeducation

If you're scientific minded and curious, you can learn to identify a great deal of aroma compounds (including "impact compounds") in wine. Next time you have a glass of wine in front of your nose, see if you can pick out one of these more bizarre flavors.

Chateau neuf du pape. Winefolly's chart of the grape varietals that can be in the blend. Only Beaucastel still uses all of the varieties.

Learn about Châteauneuf-du-Pape wine: the blend, the taste, and how to find great wines at awesome values from the Southern Rhône region.

Carignan grape and it's flavors

Gamay ("Gam-may" aka Gamay Noir) is a light-bodied red wine that's similar in taste to Pinot Noir. With flavors of raspberry, cherry, violet, black currant and subtle notes of potting soil.