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Danielle Holtzhausen

Danielle Holtzhausen
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johnmarkgreenpoetry: “Excerpt from “The Ache That Would Not Leave” by John Mark Green ”

See this and of other temporary tattoo designs. Then test-drive your custom tattoo before committing forever with Momentary Ink featuring Real Teal™.

How to take a pallet apart.

Disassembling a Pallet Easily For Crafting and Projects When using pallets for your projects, you will find that pallets are usually sturdily built and sometimes hard to disassemble. Hammer and Pry Bar Method - One option is to manually remove the nails.

"1) The struggle is real. 2) Things are a lot more complex to me than you imagine. 3) I worry a lot! 4) I feel stupid when I can't accomplish what my peers can. 5) I'm emotionally sensitive... " (Contains a number of links for more information.) By Penny Williams

The contrast between expectations and actual ability is stark but invisible when it comes to ADHD. Individuals with ADHD don’t have any outwardly visible signs of having a disability. So ADHD behav…