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A must

Finish an entire coloring book! I don't care if I'm to old for them I will color in them anyways

Visit the biggest library in the world

Have been there! Not only is Trinity College Library the largest library in the whole of Ireland, it also houses the Book Of Kells which is believed to have been written as early as 800 AD by celtic monks.

Better have the right one by your side :) not with someone perfect, but perfect for me!

I want to meet someone who I can call the love of my live who I will want to spend my life with and grow old with by the time I am 20 so we can get married when I'm about

i told my mom i wanted to do that and she said that it would make me sick to my stomach then started listing all the possible ways i could die and i was just like, let me have my dreams :|

It has always been a dream of mine to go skydiving. The adrenaline rush from the ride up, the jump, the free fall, and the wind rushing past your face as you hurdle back to Earth is something that I want to experience within the next ten years of my life.

Travel somewhere new every year. Even if it is somewhere insignificant and cheap. I should start doing this.

I LOVE travel. Every year would definitely be a dream come true. Last year was St. This year will be the UK.

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Christ Redeemer - Brazil Great Wall of China - China Machu Picchu - Peru Petra - Jordan Pyramid at Chichen Itzá - Mexico Roman Colosseum - Rome, Italy Taj Mahal - Agra, India