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The Ambulance poem - Writing In Soliloquies

Do you ever feel like quitting? What's a person to do when all hope seems lost, even though you have a burning desire that just won't go away?


Looking for ways to reduce your energy bill this winter? Consider these 5 useful tips to help winterize your home.

A Question – Writing In Soliloquies (A poem)

A Question

Building solid rapport with customers and prospects allows you to connect with people and establish trust that impacts buying decisions and loyal referrals.

Insomnia – Writing In Soliloquies (a poem)


Frangrance of regret – Writing In Soliloquies

Frangrance of regret

Under duress, I let my dream wilt like a flower in late summer. Silently, I weep for the barren fields I could not nurture in my youth. Crushed petals in my hands, the fragrance of regret.

They Say It Feels Like Drowning – Writing In Soliloquies (A short creative piece about what it feels to live with mental health issues and the importance of friendship)

They Say It Feels Like Drowning

A Raindrop Can Only Fall as Fast as 29 Km per Hour - Facts You Need to Know!

Goodnight – Writing In Soliloquies (A creative essay)

Goodnight – Writing In Soliloquies (A creative essay)

If Tears Could Make a River – Writing In Soliloquies (A poem)

If Tears Could Make a River

When Life Feels Out of Control, Focus on Yourself

Forgotten Humanity – Writing In Soliloquies (A poem)

Forgotten Humanity

Histamine Intolerance, not allergies, may be at the root of your symptoms

Pain – Writing In Soliloquies (A poem)


Anxiety can feel frustrating and debilitating, and when you're feeling anxious, it's hard not to feel like you would do anything to make it go away. However, there are a few things you should never do when you feel anxiety, not only because they coul…