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there are many signs on the palm tree by the beach that say happy birthday, jamaica, and cancun
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"Bring the tropical flair of the Keys to your home with this personalized pool sign. ☼ HOW TO ORDER: Select the number of boards (planks) from the drop down. NOTE: 1 plank is 1 individual piece of wood; it is NOT an entire group of planks. Each plank, or board, is $35. If you want 6 locations, please select 6 planks from the dropdown, NOT 1. Please include in the personalization box: location distance artwork (if any)* - see below plank color - see below EXAMPLE: Santorini - 6458 - Blue Dome - A
a wooden pole with many different colored signs on it's side and palm trees in the background
Sanibel Island Things to See
an underwater view of colorful corals and seaweed on the ocean floor with sunlight streaming through
two colorful parrots sitting on top of a tree branch next to the ocean and trees
some chairs and umbrellas on the beach by the water
an outdoor seating area on the beach with umbrellas and palm trees in the background
an open umbrella next to a swimming pool
the beach is covered in white sand and palm trees
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Blue ocean
the sun is setting over some hills and trees with a path leading up to it
an ocean view with dark clouds and waves