Daniella Scher

Daniella Scher

Chocolate connoisseur, sartorialist, sleep enthusiast, adventurist and belly laughter professional. Instagram: @scherkid
Daniella Scher
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There's a time and a place for this modern-Roman-palazzo architecture. but man, this limestone townhouse by Hewitt Horn in Lincoln Park, Chicago is gorgeous.

4401 San Carlos | Coats Homes | Highland Park, TX

Stunning white stucco modern home accented with a gray shingled roof boasts a long concrete pathway leading to a concrete bowl fire pit and a steel framed glass front door flanked by tall steel framed windows.

Bathroom renovation

Give your bathroom a gold star upgrade with QUIKRETE concrete countertops and gold fixtures. The bright finishes go with the rugged cement vanity, and the demure tile floor is an ideal touch.