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the words find your fire written in black ink
PASSION CHANGES EVERYTHING// I used to think of passion as an endpoint. Something I would have "one day", when the conditions were right. When I had the right job and the right partner. It would just happen to me. Then I learned that passion was something that I could create. It was something that I could infuse my life with. Passion wasn't the destination; it was the path and it's one than anyone can carve if they're dedicated enough. For more on how to create a passion-filled life, skip on ...
some type of alphabets that are all in different styles and sizes, including letters
Lavafilm is a small and courageous film company based in Oslo, Norway. They deliver almost everything in filmmaking and is inspired by fashion and contemporary art. In the development of their identity, we explored the interaction between the classic and the contemporary. We have experimented with a solution, where the sum of the visual elements are the cornerstone of the identity, as opposed to the standard, where the logo stands out as the most important element.
six different types of logos with the words love and luxury written on them in black, white
Brand Launch: Luxe Events - Salted Ink Design Co.
Luxe Events Brand launch - Design by Salted Ink | Logo Concepts | www.saltedink.com | Brand Stylist
six different handwritten font styles in black and white, each with the word mix
Lindsay Humes | Dynamic WordPress Themes for Food Bloggers
The Mix By Tara - Logos R1 - logo design, wordpress theme, mood board inspiration, blog design idea, graphic design, branding, style blog, fashion
the evolution of logos and their meanings
The Logo Evolution of 15 Famous Brands
See how 15 famous logos have evolved over the years, showing how a logo can adapt and evolve to fit with modern design trends.
a woman in a silver dress posing with her hand on her shoulder and looking at the camera
Brand Strategy | Templates, Frameworks, PDFs | JUST™ Creative
“A new logo should be a symbol of change, not a change of symbol.”
the word noam written in white on a black background
New Logo and Branding for Noam by Graphical House - BP&O
Logo created by Graphical House for interior design consultancy Noam
the blvck creative logo is shown in black and white, with a square shaped
Black Creative
Just launched the website of my own business Black Creative, co-founded with my friends a couple of months ago after my web-design graduation. — Check out blackcreative.co Follow us, mate! Facebo...