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No-Bake Cacao Bliss Balls | DanetteMay

Curb a chocolate craving with a bite of these no-bake cacao bliss balls!

Eating out is supposed to be a fun treat, not a cause for worry about how you’re going to stay on track with your healthy eating habits. In this new blog post, I’m sharing some of my top tips on what to choose — and what to lose —while you’re out to eat.

Heading Out to Eat? Here’s What to Choose (And What to Lose) | DanetteMay

Dining out should be a treat. After all, someone else is doing the cooking and the cleanup and you just get to enjoy the experience without a care in the world. But what if you’re on a healthy-living journey and you’re not sure what you should and shouldn’t eat? No worries, I’m here to …

Satisfy that chip craving with these Crunchy Baked Zucchini Chips. Make a big batch to have on hand throughout the week to grab when those salt cravings come on strong or enjoy a bowl when you sit down for movie night this weekend! These chips are something the whole family can get on board with.

Crunchy Baked Zucchini Chips | DanetteMay

Ever get a taste for something crunchy and salty? Believe me, I get those cravings too! I have just the healthy alternative so you'll never be tempted to reach for a bag of greasy potato chips again! These are super quick to prep and uses the oven as a dehydrator like we did with the …

What is your daily routine and is it working toward your future?

Check Your Habits

Love The Body You Live In

The combination of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in Turmeric + Ginger can help manage your metabolism. When paired with a clean diet and regular exercise, you have a fighting chance at releasing stubborn body fat for good!

Turmeric & Ginger; The Dynamic Duo

The most bioavailable turmeric & ginger formula you’ll ever find! Turmeric Plus Ginger Capsules by iRise Organics can provide several health benefits including: boost healthy gut bacteria, stave off leaky gut and chronic inflammation, reduce symptoms of IBS, ease tummy troubles, & enhance digestion for a flatter tummy!

One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is to take my pup, Ollie, for hikes in the mountains. But it turns out, having Ollie around provides a lot more health benefits than frequent exercise: Help Losing Weight, Weight Loss Help, Weight Loss Snacks, Mental Health Benefits, Health And Wellness, Danette May, Lower Triglycerides, Unconditional Love, Physical Activities

How Pets Provide More Than Just Affection and Unconditional Love | DanetteMay

When we bring a new pet home, we anticipate lots of snuggles and tail-wagging greetings at the door, but pets provide more than unconditional love. 1. Having a pet offers physical, emotional, and mental health benefits. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, pets can decrease blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, and lower …

How to Get Into A Better Meditation Practice Help Losing Weight, Weight Loss Help, Weight Loss Snacks, Weight Loss Goals, Weight Loss Motivation, Healthy Weight Loss, Lose Weight, Best Meditation, Meditation Practices

How to Get Into A Better Meditation Practice | DanetteMay

7 Ways to Find the Time to Meditate If being busy could be measured in money, we’d all be very, very rich. It seems like no matter how much you get done in a day, there is always more to do and something (or somebody) who needs your attention. Though it’s nice to be …

Let me be clear: there's nothing wrong with asking for help from others. But in the end, you need to be your biggest hero. Show that little girl how far you've come. She'll say, "I knew it all along."

Be Your Own hero

Love The Body You Live In

What do chickpeas, fitness classes, and supportive compliments have in common? They’re just a few of the ways you can encourage family and friends to adopt the healthy lifestyle you’ve started. Read on for more. Help Losing Weight, Weight Loss Help, Weight Loss Snacks, Healthy Weight Loss, Lose Weight, Diet Tips, Diet Hacks, Danette May, Health App

Four Ways You Can Help Your Family and Friends Understand Your New Healthy Lifestyle | DanetteMay

If you have recently committed to a healthy lifestyle, you may have experienced a balking comment from a family member or a chiding remark from a friend. By definition, change is the act of departing from the past, and because humans are creatures of habit, resistance is expected. Choosing to make different choices is a …

Everything You Need to Know About Histamine Intolerance (Plus how to combat symptoms) Healthy Gluten Free Recipes, Healthy Tips, Healthy Snacks, Histamine Intolerance Symptoms, High Histamine Foods, Raw Peanut Butter, Kefir Yogurt, Danette May

Histamine Intolerance: When it Goes Beyond Allergy Symptoms

Let’s talk histamine. It’s something you’re likely familiar with when it comes to allergy season, but histamine intolerance goes beyond those itchy eyes and scratchy throat. We’re talking anxiety, irregular periods, and get this—if you tend to get flushed after a glass of red, histamine may be to blame. We’re sharing all the deets …

5 Healthy Drinks to Warm Your Bones this Winter Healthy Holiday Recipes, Healthy Desserts, Healthy Drinks, Healthy Tips, Fall Recipes, Healthy Food, Golden Milk Tea, Toddy Recipe, Danette May

5 Healthy Drinks to Warm Your Bones

When the snow is blowing and the wind chill takes a nosedive, having an arsenal of warm drinks for winter is a must. After all, there’s nothing more soothing or comforting than a warm drink to curl up with and heat you up from the inside out. Over the years, I’ve tried lots of …

The Food-Mood Connection and How to Make It Work For You Healthy Gluten Free Recipes, Healthy Tips, Healthy Snacks, Weight Loss Snacks, Healthy Weight Loss, Clean Diet, Clean Eating, Danette May, Weird Food

Your Food Affects Your Mood… So Choose It Right

How many times have you heard the phrase “you are what you eat”? It’s true on a lot of levels, including the fact that what you eat can have a direct impact on how you feel. How does that happen? What’s the connection between the fuel you feed your body and your brain and …

Want to Change Your Life? Practice Gratitude, Attitude Of Gratitude, My Attitude, Wellness Tips, Health And Wellness, Danette May, Feeling Thankful, Best Mother, Positive Mindset

Practicing Gratitude is a Game-Changer You Definitely Want to Get In On

The idea of practicing gratitude to change your circumstances and your life is probably not totally new to you. But even though you may have heard about gratitude being a game-changer, you may have no idea how to practice gratitude. As someone who firmly believes in the power of practicing gratitude as a means to …

Attention, Busy Moms! I know you’re taking care of everyone around you, but are you taking care of yourself? If not, this blog post will walk you through some easy-to-implement ideas so you can give yourself as much love as you give others! P.S. I know you know some Mamas who could use this info too, so please feel free to share this out Danette May, I Know You Know, You Take, Take Care Of Yourself, Self Care, Mom, Business, Store, Mothers

The Busy Moms Self-Care Guide

Remember how excited you were about becoming a mom? You had big plans and visions for devoting yourself to your little one while still finding time for yourself. That’s every mom’s dream, right? Well, while I have no doubt you’re absolutely as devoted to your littles as you expected, I have one question for you: …

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