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THEY MAKE SOCIALIZING A PRIORITY. "Swedish women relax and de-stress by taking time to sit down and meet with their friends," says Emma Lindblom, RD, a nutritionist in Sweden. The key to "fika," a traditional practice ingrained in Swedish culture, is that it's a break in your day, usually around 3 pm. It's not lunch or dinner, and its not having a coffee at your desk, Lindblom explains, it's truly time off from work—which Swedes make time for most days—to socialize with your friends…

9 Healthy Habits From Women Around The World That You Should Definitely Steal

The different types of #coffee drinks and how they are made. Now I finally know the difference between a #cappuccino and a #macchiato!

Do some coffee shop menus leave you standing scratching your head? Check out this infographic that will have you ordering coffee like a barista! Designed by iVillage!

Brainstorm session over coffee

Brainstorm session over coffee

Sometimes when you're not very hungry at lunchtime it's nice to just get out of the office and sit down at a cute coffee shop or café and enjoy a warm cup of coffee while nibbling on a small treat. Bring a book or newspaper along and you're all set for a nice relaxing break. Click here to view local Coffee shops near you!

Need a pick-me-up after losing an hour of sleep? Stop by one of Long Island's cafes for a nice strong cup of coffee or a reinvigorating cup of tea.

Do you drink coffee in the morning? Did you know that it has many healthy benefits? It has been seen to improve heart function, decrease risk of type 2 Diabetes and so much more! Read the article! #caffeine #coffee

The Health Benefits of Coffee vs Tea Infographic. This infographic compares a side by side of the two popular beverages and illustrates the health benefits and downfalls of both so that the decision is best left up to the beverage consumer.

#LostBumblebee New layout thanks to @handletteredlogos for the fresh eyes :) #free Print

This office runs on hard work, laughter, sharpies, and a whole lot of coffee (and tea!

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Which profession drinks the most coffee? The top 15 heaviest coffee drinkers.