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I'v done most of these, not the pringles the soda mixing and never in my life have Ihad a gameboy COLOR! The one I had was gray with a black and white screen and it was the FAMILIES everyone shared it!this is y im single.


Idk what the good news is, but I don't want a bad week. I already had exams last week

Lol now on Pinterest! Rate me ;)

I'm so awesome I automatically get 50 likes. so I'm automatically a total boss no matter how many likes I get


Although since my crush is Leo Valdez and nico di Angelo , I guess I walk like that past my bookshelf<< XD.

Let's c if this works. It probably won't but I need to pin something lol

I really hate shit like this. Because if I do repost it and nothing happens, I blame myself for being stupid and believing it. and then if I don't repost and nothing happens I blame myself for not reposting.