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two pictures with different lines and shapes on them
Here's a drawing project that could be great for relaxation and expression, especially for teens!
a black and white drawing of many different patterns
zentangle pattern sheet
someone is drawing the letter r with colored pencils
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Holy cow! This is amazing! Video of how to do letters - pin now, watch later - Click image to find more DIY & Crafts Pinterest pins
a sheet of paper with pictures and words on it, including dandelions in the center
Tangle - DANDI, by Sandhya Manne, Certified Zentangle Teacher, zentempletangles.com
the pattern for fern border stencils
Zentangle ferns | series of stencil embellishing ideas. This example starts with a fern ...
black and white drawing of abstract shapes with lines on the bottom, in an artistic manner
an artistic drawing of two butterflies with swirls and leaves on the back of their wings
challenge #162 - Initial String
a little lime: challenge #162 - Initial String
several different pictures with some colored pencils on them
Zentangle Valentine's Day Ideas
Zentangle Valentine's Day Ideas Beautiful!
a book with instructions on how to use the spiral guide for art and craft projects
Shelly Beauch
a green printer sitting on top of a wooden table
Zentangle Reloaded
Zentangle Reloaded~various ideas
the instructions for how to draw a snake in different ways, including lines and shapes
New Tangle: LinQ
Laralina: New Tangle: LinQ
an artistic drawing with black and white lines on the side of a tile wall,
The Zentangle Inspired Art Project -1
Xplore Xpress
some kind of art work that is drawn in black ink on white paper with numbers and symbols
Zentangle Newsletter
Zentangle Newsletter - alfie2802@gmail.com - Gmail
four squares with wavy lines and the words cadi written in cursive writing
Cadi variations
Cadi variations by sheridanwild, via Flickr
an artistic drawing with lines and shapes in black ink on white paper, depicting the design for
Studio ML
Studio ML