air plants!

Suspend air plant over succulent garden. mosaics, tapestries and many hypertufa crafts to plant with Sempervivum, Sedum, Echeveria, Crassula and many other gorgeous low maintenance plants.

How To Grow And Care For Air Plants - Tillandsia

How To Grow And Care For Air Plants - Tillandsia

These loftily suspended air plants.

These loftily suspended air plants.

hmmm something like this would be good for my cubicle at work! Set of Three SMALL FORM Air Plant and Barn Wood Grab by NiaCraft

These perched plants that want to peek over your computer monitor.

These crystalized air plants that'll give you some extra creative energy at work.

Thigmotrope Perch - Web Shop - Flora Grubb Gardens That is a Great Idea for Air Plants!

What's not to love about plants? Sure, they can make a bit of a mess sometimes, but they add so much warmth to the decor of a space- not to mention that they keep the air fresh, especially in the winter months when we shut ourselves in and all the fresh air out. Plants can take up precious space, but don't let the size of your home hold you back from enjoying some beautiful greenery. Here are 10 great space-saving ideas for mini indoor gardens that get two green thumbs way up.

Two Green Thumbs Up for Small Space Indoor Gardens

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- Air Plant Tillandsia Bromeliads 3 Gift Set with Sea Urchin Holiday Bring the outside in with living accents! Perfect gift for a college student or