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two elderly women sitting on a bench with a sign saying i believe my house is haunted every time i look in my mirror a crazy old lady stands in front of me
Bathroom Commode | Jokes Journal | Funny quotes, Old lady humor, Old age humor
a yellow background with the words what did our parents do to kill boredom before the internet? i asked my 26 brothers and sisters and they didn't know either
Before the internet. - FunSubstance
a piece of paper with some type of writing on the top and bottom half of it
8 toasts to give while drinking
Never be without a wise word to say at any occasion: 8 Favorite Toasts to Give for Drinking!! LOVE THIS!!!
a sign that says the irish way now don't you be talking about yourself while you're here
Thirteen Irish sayings, curses and blessings
Image detail for -funny irish quotes and jokes each funny irish quote given below is ...
a quote that reads you know you were brought up by irish parents if in any crisis large or small, the first thing to say is jesus, mary and joseph
So true! I say this all the time and I only have a 'Wee Bit of Irish' in me!!
❤️ About the only "keep calm" quote to pin St Patricks Day Quotes, Irish Women
Dressed to a T
❤️ About the only "keep calm" quote to pin
We are getting one of these for Charly O'Neills Famous Irish Pub! State Posters, Celtic Heritage, Irish Culture
BIG GREEN FECK (A3 print only)
We are getting one of these for Charly O'Neills Famous Irish Pub!
an orange poster with black dots on it
Funny Irish drinking joke.
the poem for two bags full, which is written in green and has an image of a
Visit Ireland Calling for more Irish humour and wisdom.