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First Look: Gilboa Snake Double Barrel AR-15 | Guns & Ammo

Sporting a unique double barrel design, the Gilboa Snake is built to deliver twice the firepower. Watch our video of the Gilboa Snake double barrel

The Gun so Nice, You Fire it Twice. Well, that better way is finally here! European gun manufacturer Arsenal Firearms has produced the AF2011-A1 Double Barrel Pistol, designed to "commemorate the legendary Colt 1911-A1," the .45 that turned 100 last year. "I don't know what's more shocking: The fact that this was invented at all, or the fact that it wasn't invented in America."

What do you get when you merge two caliber pistols into one with a sleek new design? -- A whole lot of compact stopping power, also known as the Arsenal Firearms Second weapon of choice for Zombie Apocalypse!

I would constantly say "pew! pew! pew!" while wearing this necklace, lol.

Annie get your gun! This antique-look necklace gets inspiration from the wild wild West with a brass gun holster and mini pistol on a delicate chain. Closing the necklace is easy; just tuck the gun in the holster for a secure fit!