Starters & Sides

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Tomato, Basil And Parmesan Risotto

Serve on grilled aubergine slices and garnish with a few rocket leaves.

Chef’s Choice Creamy Caprese

Dié resep is geïnspireer deur Jamie Oliver, wat bekend is vir sy smullekker kombinasies.

Semi-dried cherry tomatoes

These cherry tomatoes will add a gourmet touch to a salad or starter, or use them as a pizza topping, in a pasta sauce or as part of a mezze platter

Decadent Baked Figs

Marinated fillet of beef with herbs Serves: Preparation time: 20 minutes Oven temperature: Cooking time: minutes

Tangy pickled salad

This vegetable pickle is delicious with bread, cheese and cold meats

Deliciously Fruity Camembert Stacks

Parma ham is delicious with this decadent dish!