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the ultimate guide for growing iceberg lettuce
The Ultimate Guide for Growing Iceberg Lettuce
If you've ever been curious about growing iceberg lettuce, follow our guide and learn about growing crisphead lettuce. Our guide covers everything from sowing lettuce seeds to harvesting your head lettuce. #lettuce #growing #howto #iceberg
a jar filled with lots of different types of vegetables next to an image of onions and carrots
Canning Basics - Spoilage
When preserved correctly, homemade canned foods won't go bad, ever. But realistically speaking, the food can last for at least two to five years easily without compromising on the taste or nutritional value. And also when preserved correctly, the chance of the food in the jar spoiling is minimal, but it can happen. Spoilage occurs when there's a disagreeable change in the normal state of the food. It's usually caused by bacteria, molds or yeasts.
cauliflower plants with the title 4 excellent tips for companion planting
4 Excellent Tips for Companion Planting Cauliflower
Learn about companion planting for cauliflower of the Brasssicas family to help your vegetable garden thrive. Choose from marigolds, chamomile, oregano, borage, nasturtiums, and Brussels sprouts to deter aphids and benefit your cauliflower plants. #companion #planting #cauliflower
water pouring from a watering can into pink flowers with text overlay reading how to water plants while away
8 Ways To Water Indoor Plants While You’re Away On A Vacation Or Holiday
When you're away from home, it's important to ensure your plants receive proper care, especially when it comes to watering. Here are several methods to keep your plants hydrated while you're away: Self-Watering Pots: Use self-watering planters that have built-in reservoirs. Water Globes and Spikes: These are glass or plastic bulbs that release water slowly into the soil. Fill them up before you leave, and they will water your plants gradually.
the top ten pest and easy homemade mosquito traps
14+ Fast and Easy Homemade Mosquito Traps
Learn how to make a homemade mosquito trap and prevent mosquito bites. Mosquitoes are easy to trap with a plastic bottle and carbon dioxide bait, a fly trap, and other trapping methods, and they are safer than using a commercial mosquito repellent. #homemade #mosquito #trap
two greenhouses with plants in them and the words maximum small greenhouse efforts written below
Maximize Small Greenhouse Efforts
Explore the world of mini greenhouses with these insightful tips for creating your very own small greenhouse garden. Whether you're a gardening newbie or an experienced plant enthusiast, this beginner's guide will help you cultivate a flourishing indoor garden. Embrace the beauty of nature and watch your plants thrive in your compact greenhouse oasis. Start growing abundantly today!
onion growing and how to plant onions in the ground with text overlay that reads onion growing, how deep to plant onions
Onion Growing - How Deep to Plant Onions
Learn how to plant onions with the proper depth and spacing and give them care through the growing season. Short-day onion sets form bulbs when the day is ten to twelve hours long, and long-day types require fourteen to sixteen hours of sun for bulbing. #planting #onions #depth
a box filled with lots of different colored peppers
Grow Bell Peppers from Seed
The biggest reason that I take the time to grow my bell peppers from seed is, well, money. I don't know about your area, but here in Ohio, bell peppers are usually about $1.50 apiece! I started to grow them in my vegetable garden many years ago and will continue to do it every season.
the health benefits of cantaloupe and how to use them in cooking or baking
A Smart Guide to Honeydew and Cantaloupe Differences
Within the Cucumis melo species, there are many delicious fruits with antioxidants and health benefits, but few are as similar as honeydew and cantaloupe. Discover the difference in these melons as they ripen and how to tell them apart from just their rind. #honeydew #cantaloupe #melons
four jars filled with different types of food and the words canning basics 15 common questions
15 Common Canning Questions Answered
The act of canning your home-grown or store-bought food is becoming increasingly popular as people begin to realize the precariousness of our food growing and food distribution system.
what's a hoi - hoi knife and why they are so popular?
Why Use a Hori-Hori Knife
While the Hori Hori knife has been around for quite a while, with its beginnings from Japan, it has recently just caught the attention of many gardeners because of the knife's strong build and versatility of garden uses.
an image of a plant with the words unlock the secrets grow and thre with phildendron black cardinal
How to Grow and Care for Philodendron 'Black Cardinal': 2024 Guide
How to Grow and Care for Philodendron 'Black Cardinal': [year] Guide 16
a person holding a bucket filled with dirt and mussels in front of green plants
14+ Awesome Organic Vegetable Fertilizers
Discover the perfect homemade fertilizer recipe and treat your veggie patch with the best organic fertilizer granules or liquid fertilizer. Enrich your garden soil with a DIY plant fertilizer like coffee grounds, Epsom salt, compost, weed tea, and more. #homemade #fertilizer #vegetables
cucumbers growing in the garden with text overlay that reads what happens when you pinch on cucumbers
What Happens When You Pinch Out Cucumbers? - FarmFoodFamily
What Happens When You Pinch Out Cucumbers? 4
three different types of plants with the text 3 easy organic tomato plant fertilizers
3+ Easy Organic Tomatillo Plant Fertilizers
It’s easy to grow a tomatillo plant. Fertilizer ensures your tomatillo seed develops into ripe tomatillo fruit. Make your own tomatillo or tomato fertilizer for a huge husk tomato yield when you harvest tomatillos. #homemade #fertilizer #tomatillos
a simple soil - free method to water gardening with phlodendron
Can Philodendron Grow in Water? - Expert Advice 2024 - FarmFoodFamily
Can Philodendron Grow in Water? - Expert Advice [year] 14
a pink flower with the words how to grow and care for strawflowers on it
Strawflowers: How To Grow and Care For Xerochrysum Bracteatum
Strawflowers: Plant Profile, How To Grow and Care For Xerochrysum bracteatum 8
a white container filled with dirt sitting on top of a table next to a cup
Learn to Winter Sow!
In a nutshell, winter sowing, or winter seed sowing, is sowing seeds indoors in the winter in mini greenhouse-like containers, like milk jugs or other recycled containers, and setting the containers outside in the winter elements until Mother Nature germinates the seeds in the spring. That basically is the winter sowing method.
yellow flowers and leaves with text overlay that reads, yellowing exerts reveal the unexpected leaves read more
Why Is My Philodendron Turning Yellow? - Quick Fixes - FarmFoodFamily
Why Is My Philodendron Turning Yellow? - Quick Fixes 12
strawberries growing in the garden with text overlay that reads brilliant homemade fertilizers for strawberry plants
10 Brilliant Homemade Fertilizers for Strawberry Plants
Whether you’re new to growing strawberries or have long had a strawberry tower, the best fertilizer to enrich the soil is homemade. Since strawberry plants need nutrients to grow strawberry fruit, provide them with banana peel or Epsom salt fertilizers. #homemade #fertilizer #strawberries
A collection of broken eggshells spread out, with a guide titled "How to Compost Eggshells" above and a "Home Grown" label within the image.
How to Compost Eggshells: A Guide
Learn about composting eggshells and more with our helpful guide for starting a compost. Discover what you can compost, including practical tips on the process. Whether you're new to composting or looking to refine your skills, we've got you covered. Let's turn kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich soil with ease!
the top 10 creative backyard dog potting ideas for small dogs and their owners to enjoy
10 Creative Dog Potty Area Ideas for Your Backyard Oasis (2024)
10 Creative Dog Potty Area Ideas for Your Backyard Oasis 22
Dandelions in focus with blurred natural background, representing wild edibles for foraging.
Uncover 6 Wild Edibles for Foraging
Discover a beginner-friendly guide to foraging with these 6 easily identifiable plants. Whether you're new to foraging or looking to expand your knowledge, this list will help you confidently explore the world of wild edibles. Embrace the beauty and abundance of nature as you learn about these plants that can be found in the great outdoors.
there are three different types of squash plants in the ground and on the ground with text overlay that says 3 natural squash plant fertiizers
3 DIY Natural Squash Plant Fertilizers
Discover how to feed your squash plant naturally with homemade fertilizer. Compost, Epsom salt, banana peels, and eggshells are the perfect organic fertilizer for a squash plant, whether winter squash or summer squash. #homemade #fertilizer #squash
A well-maintained garden with rows of healthy, green plants, under the title 'How to Protect Your Garden While on Vacation'.
How to Protect Your Garden While on Vacation
Learn valuable tips on how to protect your garden while you're away on vacation. Find out simple methods to ensure your plants stay healthy and thriving in your absence. Keep your garden looking lush with these easy and effective strategies.
a person digging in dirt with text overlay that reads clever tips for certirizing potatoes naturally
10 Clever Tips for Fertilizing Potatoes Naturally
After planting a seed potato in the garden, using fertilizer is an essential part of the gardening process to ensure you get a healthy yield. Potato plants thrive with the right plant food, and nothing is better than using organic fertilizer. #potatoes #fertilizer #homemade
some plants that are growing in the dirt with text overlay saying 4 homemade ways to fertiize lettuce
4+ Awesome Homemade Ways to Fertilize Lettuce
Growing lettuce without chemical fertilizer is easy. Learn about natural fertilizer for potted plants and tips for the best plant food for hydroponic lettuce. This step-by-step fertilizer guide will have you growing luscious green lettuce all season long. #homemade #fertilizer #lettuce
the top 10 amazing homemade fertiting tips for asparagus and how to use them
10 Amazing Homemade Fertilizing Tips for Asparagus
Learn how to use homemade asparagus fertilizer to feed your garden while growing asparagus. An asparagus plant needs a mildly alkaline soil pH, and the best fertilizer for your plant depends on your soil type. #homemade #fertilizer #asparagus
A variety of shade-loving vegetables and herbs thriving in a garden bed with a label "Shade-Loving Veggie Plants List" from the website Root Vegetables, Garden Plants Vegetable, Leafy Greens, Greens, Garden Plants, Plant List
Shade-loving Veggie Plants List
Explore our comprehensive list of shade-loving vegetable plants that thrive in lower light conditions. Whether you have a shady garden or limited sunlight, these veggies are perfect for your space. From leafy greens to root vegetables, discover a variety of plants that will flourish in the shadows. Enhance your garden with these easy-to-care-for and delicious vegetables!
four different types of plants with the title 4 simple + aloe vera fertilizer solutions
Aloe Vera Food - Fertilizing Aloe Vera Plants Naturally
If your aloe plants need fertilizer to help them grow, skip buying costly fertilizers and make your own. Discover how to make organic fertilizer from Epsom salt and eggshells, and find out how a banana peel can help aloe vera grow. #homemade #aloe #vera #fertilizer