Muesli-rusks - similar to Woollies rusks

Muesli Rusks

Easy muesli rusks recipe with raisins, seeds and buttermilk. Learn how to make homestyle muesli rusks from scratch.

Ina Paarman's Ma Nellie's buttermilk rusks - winner recipe (baking them now for 2nd time this winter)

Ina Paarman& mother& quick and easy signature recipe. She always baked them in her black oven roasting pan and left them to stand until the next day before cutting and drying.

#Gluten-free #Rusks #recipe

Finding Gluten-free rusks is so difficult and when you find them they are so very expensive. This recipe has been adapted from a Gabi Steen.

SPAR - Coconut Cranberry Rusks Recipe

Making your own rusks is easy with this simple recipe that combines the fresh flavour of cranberry with rich, nutty coconut.

If you've come to this site because you entered "Woolworth's Muesli Rusks" into the search engine this recipe is, in my opinion, the closest thing to it. For those of us living outside South Afric...

South African rusks recipe - navigate to Rusk Recipes and go to the Fruity Nutty recipe - my favourite

Coconut Oats rusks

Serves: Makes 80 INGREDIENTS 7 x 250 ml kg) Snowflake self-raising flour 15 ml Snowflake baking powder 5 ml salt 375 ml g) light brown sugar 250 ml g) Snowflake wheat bran 250 ml g) desiccated coconut 125 ml g) sultanas 250 ml g) muesli 250 ml …