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Justin Bieber Wears A Gas Mask While Shopping In London - I don't even wanna no

Justin Bieber channels Darth Vader as he's snapped shopping in London wearing a gas mask

This broke my heart. Honestly I just don't care about the haters, and I never have. But the truth is, it doesnt matter what Justin does. If you're a fan, do what you want. But I'm a Belieber, and we don't do that in this family. We stick up for him and we honestly support him through everything, that's what we're about. I will support him to the end, who's with me? -Presley and Katie

I saw that yesterday I cried its just hard to see him like that-Kenzie

Justin Bieber! yes he did! <3

"Why do you obsess over him" "He's a druggy" "How could you ever look up to him"<---- Because he's inspiring,sweet,love able,and he cares for us when nobody else does!