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an image of a lizard made out of rocks
Great Idea for Stone Art
Great Idea for Stone Art
three painted rocks sitting on top of a wooden table next to a heart shaped object
Taş boyama
painted rocks with birds and flowers on them
I Sassi Dell'Adriatico by Sehnaz Bac
Painted rocks: Previous pinner said, "Just a little sneak peek of what's on my desk right now".
the letters are made out of rocks and have different designs on them, including one for each letter
Painted Rocks.
kokokoKIDS: Painted Rocks.
a painted rock that says seas the day on it, sitting on a wooden surface
Painted Beach Rocks Ideas & Decor Inspiration
Painted Beach Rock!
a rock with an eye painted on it
I painted this rock to look like a baby dinosaur peeking out of a broken…
some rocks that have words written on them
Painted Rocks.
kokokoKIDS: So much painted Rocks here. Love this idea too.
a bunch of rocks with faces painted on them
DIY : Petits galets.
#DIY Funny rocks