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"Canopy Bed Drapes, Sheer Linen Canopy Bed Scarf, Off White Shawl Curtain, Canopy Bed Curtains for King Bed, Canopy Bed Curtains Queen, Canopy bed sheer linen curtain- beauty and elegant, will create your own special space and add an elegant touch to your bedroom. Throw these shear bed canopy long curtain over the bed frames, it softens and improves your bedroom decor feeling, making you feeling more comfortable and relaxed. Could hang one piece both widthwise or lengthwise .If the scarf is a bi
A really organic way to mix neutral tones for a wonderful effect! | Found by  Summer Sun Home Art ||  Wall Decor, Wall Art, Gallery Wall, Home Decor DIY, Home Decor on a Budget, Apartment Decorating on a budget, Apartment Decorating College, Dorm Room Ideas, Dorm Room Decor, Dorm Decor, Tumblr Room Decor DIY, Boho Chic Decor, White Aesthetic, Modern Vintage, Midcentury Modern, Interior Decorating, Scandinavian Interior, Nordic Interior, Desk Ideas, Bathroom, Kitchen


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a beige and white rug with vertical stripes
Dover Line Stripe Rug, 60x90cm
the curtain is pulled up and ready to be hung
Curtains - Light Beige/Cream
Neutral Curtains
a circular mirror with flowers and butterflies hanging on a chain, isolated against a white background
HANGING ORNAMENT dried flowers
a large green plant in a brown pot
Sansevieria, Snake plant, mother in law's tongue, Saint George's sword.
a ceiling light with the words ceiling light on it and an image of a bell
Ceiling Light Vintage Glass