Easter Recipes

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chocolate chip cookies with m & m's and mini eggs in them on a white surface
Mini Egg Easter Cookies - Food Duchess
Mini Egg Easter Cookies - Food Duchess
some food is laying on a wooden plate
Babybel bunnies for the sweetest Easter charcuterie!
Babybel bunnies for the sweetest Easter charcuterie!
some kind of pretzels that are on a baking sheet with easter eggs in the middle
Easter Bunny Cinnamon Rolls
carrot cake with white frosting and sprinkles next to fresh carrots
Carrot Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting | Butternut Bakery
This is the BEST carrot cake recipe! It has an extra rich and moist texture that is perfectly spiced. This cake is then smothered in cream cheese frosting and adorned in frosting carrots. It's bound to be your new go-to carrot cake recipe. #carrotcake #cake #carrotcakerecipe #easterdessert #butternutbakery | butternutbakeryblog.com
1h 40m
several waffles with various toppings on a white plate, including tomatoes and mozzarella
Savory Cheesy Herb Waffles + tips and tricks to make THE BEST waffles!
a platter filled with deviled eggs and other appetizers on top of a table
Deviled Egg Platter Recipe | The Feedfeed
1h 0m
a plate filled with different types of food on top of a wooden table next to flowers and cucumbers
Mediterranean Lemon Feta Dip
This creamy, lemony Feta dip is perfect for parties, picnics and potlucks. Serve it with raw veggies or chips for a delicious appetizer or snack! #mediterraneanfood #fetadip #easyappetizers
an arrangement of flowers and vegetables arranged in the shape of a circle
Easter's on Its Way Decor Inspiration ~ White Arrows Home
small pink and yellow desserts with white flowers on them sitting on a blue plate
The Perfect Deviled Eggs for a Spring Brunch: Pink Colored Deviled Eggs
The Perfect Deviled Eggs for a Spring Brunch
chocolate chip cookies decorated with easter eggs and bunny ears
Easter Chocolate Cookies
5h 20m
three desserts with chocolate, marshmallows and flowers on them are arranged in the shape of eggs
Easter Egg Cheesecake
2h 20m
four croissants on a white tray with green garnish and parsley
Stuffed Crescent Roll Carrots
some cupcakes with marshmallows in them on a plate
Vanilla Cotton Candy Easter Cupcakes
bacon is being cooked on a pan with seasoning sprinkles and spices
Million Dollar Bacon
Million Dollar Bacon Recipe | Bacon with brown sugar, cayenne and red pepper flakes!