Infographic: The Future of Healthcare is Already at Your Fingertips

The Future of Health Is Your Smartphone [Infographic]

How Is Your Smartphone The Future Of Digital Health And Mobile Healthcare?

Infographic: Healthcare IT Trends Transforming Healthcare #HIT via @Hitoshi Ohtsuki Consultant Media @CDW_Healthcare

Infographic: Healthcare IT Trends Transforming Healthcare via Hitoshi Nakamura Nakamura Ohtsuki Consultant Media

Precision Medicine for Pediatric Cancer

Dana-Farber/Boston Children's is leading the way in precision medicine for pediatric cancer. Precision cancer medicine provides individualized treatment tailored to the genetic characteristics of the patient's cancer. The infographic below explains how.

Infographic -Retention in Clinical Trials – Keeping Patients on Protocols - Subject Retention

Forte’s latest infographic on patient retention includes average dropout rates, reasons study volunteers withdraw, and solutions for better retention.

Clinical trials are a $51 billion industry that offers services that are critical to their sponsors and the health and welfare of patients. CRO analytics has developed a methodology for measuring performance and quality of clinical trials. This infographic shows key findings within “The Health of the Clinical Trials Industry.” #pharma #clinicaltrials #clinicaltrialsinfographic

Our cloud based performance metrics software helps increase the research quality, efficiency and cost savings of clinical trials.

Challenges in conducting clinical trials

Addressing Operational Challenges in Conducting Clinical Trials [Infographic]

This is a great, colourful illustration showing the stages in drug development and design. From discovery, through pre-clinical to clinical development, it clearly shows the 'funnelling' process.

How are drugs designed and developed?

Learn how drugs are developed from preclinical to clinical stage! Here we discuss the drug development pipeline and talk in details about the different phases of clinical trials!