The 11 Best DIY Pallet Projects

The 11 Best DIY Pallet Projects

Hide current bed next to movies using this. DIY Pallet Dog Bed - create a bin or basket with over the door hooks that can hold toys or storage


❦ There’s nothing more scarry than a wet dog. "Stay back, stay back. I love you too boy.Great, now I smell like a wet dog.

Great Dane

World's biggest dog is really a softy

Giant George chats with SheKnows -- from rumors of his dating life to his first-class lifestyle, the World's Largest Dog spills all the beans!

So cute!

⭐️photo tip! ⭐️ When photographing your dog, try not to cut off the tips of ears. They are an important part of your dog’s personality! If you are very close to his face, lose the whole ear instead of.


The history of the French Bulldog breed. Best breeder and showing tips as well as risks of the breed and upbringing.

french bulldog

This was pinned as a baby French Bulldog but I believe it is a baby Boston Terrier as it has the classic markings of one from what I can see in this side view