Ingredient Substitutes

Are you missing an ingredient for a recipe? Use these handy ingredient substitutes to save yourself a trip to the store.
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four different types of food with the words, got no unagi sauce? you can always use
How To Replace Unagi Sauce In Cooking
Got no unagi sauce? Use these simple replacements that'll work just as well in recipes or as a condiment.
the best sugars for sanding sugar
What Can I Use Instead Of Sanding Sugar?
Got no sanding sugar? Maybe you want to try something different? We've pulled together some excellent sanding sugar substitutes. They're not a perfect match to the original sugar, but they'll still taste delicious! #sandingsugar #substitutes #cookingtips
leek replacements Can Onions, Tuna Bake, Egg Alternatives, Essential List, Leek Recipes, Wild Onions, Mushroom Pie, Leek Soup
What Can I Use Instead Of Leeks?
Do you need to replace leeks in a recipe? They have a unique flavor, but it's still possible to find a substitute. Check out our guide to get all the details.
tomatillo substitute How To Reheat Tamales, Canning Green Tomatoes, Canned Tomatillos, Green Salsa Verde, Cape Gooseberry, Green Salsa, Food Substitutions, Green Fruit
What Can I Use Instead Of Tomatillos?
Do you need to replace tomatillos in a recipe? Check out our list of the best tomatillo substitutes. While each alternative has a unique flavor, they'll still work.
suet substitutes Christmas Pudding Recipes, Chopped Liver, Melting Point, Flaky Pastry, Leftover Chicken, All Vegetables, British Food, Delicious Pies
What's The Best Suet Substitute?
Do you need to replace suet in a recipe? It often pops up as an ingredient in dumplings and Christmas pudding. Check out our suet alternatives so that you can complete any recipe without it.
a menu for steaks and gravy on a white plate with brown sauce
What's The Difference Between A Demi-Glace & Gravy?
We've created a super-handy guide that shows you the difference between a demi-glace and gravy. Two sauces that both have their place in the kitchen.
lima bean substitutes Lima Bean, Local Grocery Store, Lima Beans, Fava Beans, Butter Beans, Savoury Dishes, Recipe Using, Casseroles
What Are Some Tasty Lima Bean Alternatives?
Do you need to replace lima beans in your next recipe? We've created a handy list of substitutes that are suitable for a variety of applications in the kicthen. Get the whole list now!
The 9 Best Substitutes For Sun Dried Tomatoes
tamarind paste replacements Tamarind Paste Recipe, Tamarind Paste Recipes, Tamarind Recipes, Pad Thai Sauce, International Dishes, Tamarind Sauce, Pad Thai Recipe, Tamarind Paste, Gluten Free Dishes
How Can I Replace Tamarind Paste?
If you've got no tamarind paste then don't stress. We've got some excellent backup options that work. #replacetamarindpaste #tamarind
some vegetables are labeled with the words, got no beets? you can always use
What Are The Best Beet Substitutes?
Check out these awesome beet alternatives to help you finish that meal without the original ingredient. #beetsubstitutes #beetroot #cuisinevault
four different types of cookies with the words, got no jagery? you can always use
What's A Good Jaggery Replacement?
Find out what other sweeteners can be used in place of jaggery.
three different types of alcohol bottles with the words, got no galliano? you can always use
What Are The Best Galliano Substitutes?
Discover how to replace Galliano in your next cocktail or recipe. We've pulled together a list of seven alternatives as well as when they're best used. #galliano #substitutes #cuisinevault
broccoli, turnips and onions are the most common foods in this country
What Are The Best Rutabaga Alternatives?
Do you need to replace rutabaga in your next dish? Check out our suggested alternatives and how they can be used in cooking. #rutabagasubstitutes #cookingtips
three different types of creams with the words, got no creme frache? you can always use
What Are The Best Creme Fraiche Substitutes?
Are you looking to replace creme fraiche in your next recipe? Check out our suggestions and what each ingredient is best used for. #cremefraiche #substitutes #cookingtips