Food Storage Tips

Tips, hacks, and ideas for getting the most out of your food, and knowing when it's time to toss it out.
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how do the fruit hotshots store strawberries? we tested 9 popular method
9 Ways To Store Strawberries Tested
We researched all the methods for storing strawberries then tested each option. Find out which storage method keeps your berries fresh longest.
How long does fish last out of the fridge? Cooked Fish, I Want Food, Raw Fish, Food Poisoning, Sit Out, Fresh Fish, It's Okay, You Left
How Long Does Fish Last Out Of The Fridge?
I want food poisoning... said noone ever. Stay safe and follow USDA guidelines. Raw and fresh fish should only be left out of the fridge for two hours max. Check out our guide to find out lots more about safe fish storage.
how to store bagels in the kitchen? infographical poster - food and drink
Can You Freeze Bagels?
Learn how to store bagels to keep them as fresh as the day they were bought from the store.
a pineapple is harvested from the tree it stops ripening and will not sweeten further
How to Ripen a Pineapple
Did you know? Once a pineapple is harvested from the tree it stops ripening and will not sweeten further.
an apple, pineapple and bag with the words how to soften a pineapple leave in bag for 1 - 2 days to soften
How to Soften a Pineapple
To soften a pineapple, add to a paper bag with an apple and leave for 1-2 days. It won't sweeten though.
tomatoes in a bowl with the words how long do fresh tomatoes last? on it
How Long Do Fresh Tomatoes Last?
Find out how long fresh tomatoes last before going off. We also give some helpful storage tips to get the most out of your tomatoes.
an advertisement for flour is shown in this image
How Long Does Flour Last?
If you've ever wondered how long flour lasts check this out. We give the approximate life expectancy of flour quality before it starts to degrade. In reality, some of these flours could be eaten many months after these dates if stored correctly. The timelines we offer are for maximum quality of the product.
a poster with the words, is your food safe? bacter trives within a specific temperature range
The Danger Zone For Food
Did you know that there's a danger zone for perishable food? In between 40-140 degrees (F) is in the zone where bacteria proliferates. Avoid leaving food in this range for over 2 hours.
a poster with instructions to how long can cookie dough sit out for? and two hours
How long can cookie sit out before you're at risk?
From time to time, we leave perishable food out of the fridge a little too long. If you've left cookie dough out, and you want to eat the dough raw, then follow these guidelines to avoid any uncomfortable illnesses. Sure, you may get away with leaving it out overnight, but is it worth the risk?