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When superheroes get frisky

Bedroom issues only superheroes (and villains) get

Ok this is funny! But I got a bellyache by the end just from the pictures!

DIABTES<<< My goal In life is to get skinny so I can eat this and not feel bad about it.<<< at first I was like "ooo yummy" then I was like "oh wait no. This is how you get diabetes.": Cake, Chocolate, Recipe, S

Harry Potter + Mean Girls + Miley Cyrus = Hilarious.

Harry Potter + Mean Girls + Miley Cyrus = Hilarious. I have this theory that if you cut all her hair off, she'd look like a british man

Mine is sassy oompalompa comment yours

What's Your Unicorn Name? Sunshine sugar sock my name is sunshine sugar socks<---Mine is sunshine twinkle toes!<----mine is sugar yellow banana

All. The. Time.

Funny pictures about Today was going great. Oh, and cool pics about Today was going great. Also, Today was going great.


So true! - "I've lost people and found them again. The second time around, things just made more sense. Honestly, timing has a lot to do with everything. Sometimes, you aren't ready for each other yet.

write on your toast...  I WANT. I NEED

write on your toast. Random but awesome considering I don't really like makes me actually want to eat toast

adventure time anime | Adventure Time - Adventure Time With Finn and Jake Photo (34387814 ...

Adventure Time (originally titled Adventure Time with Finn & Jake) is an American animated television series created by Pendleton Ward for Cartoon Network.