Braaibroodjies: I had these last night, minus the onion! Super delish!

South-African "Braaibroodjie" - many recipes for these tomato, oinion and cheese toasites, made over an open wooden fire - various added ingredenietns - a TREAT to accompany the traditional South African Braai - A proper barbecue - African style

souskluitjies (light dumplings in a buttery sweet cinnamon sauce)


Souskluitjies : South African comfort food (feather light dumplings in a buttery sweet cinnamon sauce)


A truly South African sentiment - for those who can't read Afrikaans, it says "Stay calm, we're going to braai now".

South African Roly-Poly Baked Dessert from

South African Roly-Poly Baked Dessert

Ingredients: Servings: 2 cups flour ml) 3 teaspoons baking powder ml) 1 teaspoon salt cup butter stick or 125 g or 4 oz) 2 eggs, beaten milk, a

bobotie - use 2T medium or 1 1/2T hot curry. Use 2 cans burger. Full recipe makes about 12 servings

Bobotie is a classic South African dish of gently-spiced ground meat full of raisins which is then oven-baked with a layer of savory egg custard on top to form a crust and keep the meat moist. Tradionally it is served with Yellow Rice.

Bobotie Quiche recipe - South African Food

Turn this delicious national dish into a quick and easy quiche, perfect for a Heritage Day celebration or a weekend braai!

How to Make South African Food - Melktert (Custard Tart) Recipe | eHow

Looking for a different kind of dessert? Melktart is a traditional South African tart with a soft buttery crust and creamy custard filling. This classic South African dessert is served at both the most formal parties and the most humble teas.

All about South African Foods In the USA

If you can speak and understand English to a reasonable level, you will be able to communicate easily as the majority of South Africans speak English as their first or second language.