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a wall hanging made out of different types of yarn
Create a perfect way to show off your style
This boho woven wall decor is the perfect addition to your living room! The colorful eclectic home design added the perfect touch to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. I love the way the bright colors and the intricate details of the wall decor bring your living room to life.
a black and white round rug on top of a wooden floor next to a plant
Episode 104: Therapeutically Weaving In The Round with Ashton Zager
a close up of a yarn bag on a table with a string attached to it
Woven planter cosy tutorial: Make a pot plant weave
Woven planter cosy tutorial l Make a pot plant weave
a woven wall hanging on the side of a white wall with an orange, blue, and yellow design
Round Woven Wall Hanging
a close up of yarn and scissors on a table
Weaving on a round hoop
a close up of a woven object on a white surface with other items in the background
Le Soleil - Tropical | Sun Wall Hanging | Hoop Wall Hanging | Modern Macrame Sun | Circular weaving, Weaving, Weaving loom projects