six ethics of life. life quotes

six ethics of life

six ethics of life- good habits to be happy, get ahead and live a life worth living

I think of this every time one of my children hug me.

"The most precious jewels you'll ever have around your neck are the arms of your children." True words of wisdom for mothers.

I wish I could have been your security.. I wish I could have been the reason you went to bed without a worry.. I'll never stop loving you.. I'll always want then very best for you.. And I hope I can still bring you candy and a green tea when were old..

I hope one day this for myself and everyone who tries for it themselves. I deserve this! One day God will bring me to this and I will truly be happy. I can't wait for that!

Maak tyd...& glo genade kom net van Bo... #Afrikaans #Rules2LiveBy #Grace…

en vir altyd te glo die emmers vol genade kom net van Bo


Hoe fiks moet n mens dan nou wees? :) He he he!

South africa: my country!!😍 the best country!! God's wonderful creation

South africa: my country! the best country!