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DIY- Snowman. You use a bar of soap as a base. My co-worker made this for me last Christmas using the idea she saw at a craft show.

Handmade Christmas Decorations - Christmas comes once a year and December is indeed an expensive month. A time for us to spend for a lot of things including Christmas gifts , christmas foods , christmas ornaments and christmas decorations.

Glow in the Dark Bubbles. Put these in your bubble machine and watch the show

Glow in the Dark Bubbles----Great for sensory play, art activities, and more! We began by concocting an easy to make glowing bubble solution. This glowing bubble recipe is super simple, and you only need two ingredients.

Cut open a glow stick and pour contents into a jar, then add glitter, place the lid back on the jar and shake......

Do It Yourself Halloween Craft Ideas – 24 Pics (several of these are hokey but apparently glow sticks in everything make Halloween amazing)

Theatre to Go | DIY Christmas Baskets for Teens

Theatre to Go Click Pic for 21 DIY Christmas Baskets for Teens Easy Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

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