Because I love Twenty One Pilots

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the title for twenty one pilots, an old - school video game that has been turned into
snap back me da vibes a cut my lip 😌 . . . #twentyonepilots #tøp #21pilots #twentyonepilotsargentina #joshdun #tylerjoseph #blurryface #trench #skeletonclique #dema #clancy @twentyonepilots @tylerrjoseph @joshdun
a red square with the words at the bottom
at the risk - twenty one pilots
a red square with the words i have seemed to run out of excess, and why i am this way
snap back - twenty one pilots
Oldies Station Twenty One Pilots, Radio Play, Stay Alive
oldies station - twenty one pilots
an orange background with the words, the more i think, the less i say
the craving - twenty one pilots
a red square with the words i don't wanna backside to where i've started from there's no chance i will shake this again
backslide - twenty one pilots
a woman is holding up a card to her mouth with the words, this album 24 / 7
what is your top 3 favorite songs?
a drawing of a person and a dog with a thought bubble above them that says do you forget we're right on time?
by joshlerina
two men standing next to each other in front of a white wall and one wearing a red mask
twenty one pilots
two anime characters with different hair styles and colors, one is wearing a hoodie
by cyani07