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Jai Courtney and Emilia Clarke

westerlie: “jai courtney and emilia clarke on the set of terminator genisys ”

Say hello to my little friend, The Godfather Cocktail.  Certain booze lend themselves to certain situations.  I drink rum when I want to celebrate, wine when I want to relax, and whisky (The Godfather) when I’ve packed and moved my apartment in less than a week and my entire body hurts. This past weekend Kieran and I [...]

The Godfather CocktailThe Godfather Cocktail Print Author: Shock Munch Ingredients 1 shot scotch whisky (or bourbon) 1 shot amaretto Frozen whisky stones (optional) Fresh cherries (optional)

Lavender Lemonade is a beautiful and fragrant way to enjoy your Lemonade now that the weather is nice! Cheers!

Perfect for Wedding/alternate if tea party for Bridesmaids! Lavender Lemonade is a pretty and delicious fragrant drink perfect for any party or baby shower! Fun, bright, and yummy! Non-alcoholic or boozy!