Brush care and selection tutorial...valuable info...brushes are expensive!

Brush Tutorial - Basics about different kind of fibers, where to use which, and how to maintain your brushes. (The one part of painting I absolutely hate is taking care of brushes!

Human bone names creative infographic drawing

Human bone names creative infographic drawing. This would be super helpful when learning human anatomy.

Paint brush tray

Make-up/Paint brush drying rack idea. No instructions, but the idea seems fairly self explanatory.

Use an old garden urn as storage... would also be great for cooking utensils.

Patricia's Whimsical Cottage

Bouquet of paintbrushes. Keep your paintbrushes straight by stashing them in a planter filled with pebbles - 21 Hacks To Help You Organize Your Art Studio In 2015

i learned this in college and have used it ever since: How to Make a Paintbrush Cleaner Jar

There are plenty of paintbrush cleaning aids you can buy in art supply stores (usually jars with a metal screen or grids along the bottom) but if you want an easy and cheap way to make your own paintbrush cleaner jar, keep reading.

how to build art canvas storage racks - Google Search

I had all these plans for installing the large painting rack for Amy’s paintings in one of the upstairs storage rooms. They even involved my use of a plumb bob, a beautiful tool used by carp…

Oil Landscapes: Quick and Easy with Brian Ryder

Brian Ryder wants everyone to paint in oils! In this DVD he shows you how to produce atmospheric oil landscapes that are both quick and easy to do.

Many people confuse painting knives and palette knives. On the left is a palette knife (for mixing paint on the palette), centre is a metal and wood palette knife and on the right is a painting knife - it has a larger bend in the handle to allow the paint to be applied to a surface without your fingers touching already applied, wet paint.

Learn How to Paint With a Knife

On the left is a plastic palette knife, in the center is a metal-and-wood palette knife, and on the right is a metal-and-wood painting knife. Notice the painting knife has a larger crank or bend in the handle, to help keep your knuckles out the paint