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a wooden frame with flowers in it and the words how to make a stitched mixed media collage
How to Make a Creative Stitched Mixed Media Collage
Make a nature-themed stitched mixed media collage using a printable junk journal page as a backing.
an old book with flowers and lace on it, sitting on a wooden floor next to a purple ribbon
DIY Journal with Fabric Cover and Tea Dyed Paper Pages
Learn how to make a fun diy journal with a creatively stitched fabric cover and tea dyed paper pages.
an open laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden desk next to books and pencils
Learn Just How Easy it is to Scale or Resize PDF Printable Files
Learn just how easy it is to scale or resize pdf printable files so you can get the most use out of your printables.
lace and thread to use in your junk journal
How to Make Beautiful Tea Dyed Lace and Embroidery Thread
Add a touch of old world charm to your handmade junk journals and creative journals. Learn how easy it is to make your own tea dyed lace and thread!
someone holding up several pieces of paper with the words how to make a basic mini journal with 3 assembly options
Make a Basic Mini Journal or Notebook
Learn how quick and easy it is to make a mini journal or mini notebook in any size.
an open card with the words, design your own printable journal pages in canvas
Design Your Own Printable Junk Journal Pages in Canva
Learn how fun and easy it is to design your own printable junk journal pages in Canva!
an open notebook with flowers on it and the title how to make a fabric traveler's notebook cover
How to Make a Fabric Traveler's Notebook Cover
How to Make a Fabric Traveler's Notebook Cover
some pink and green papers with the title how to design printable lined pages for your junk
How to Design Easy Printable Lined Paper for your Junk Journals
Learn a quick and easy way to design printable lined paper in Photoshop that is perfect to use as your junk journal pages.
a hand holding up a notebook with the title, diy traveler's notebook junk journal and free printable pages
How to Make a Traveler's Notebook Junk Journal
Learn how to make a quick and easy traveler's notebook junk journal using free printable journal pages.
the instructions for how to make tea - dyed paper bags with your ink journals and free printables
How to Make Tea Dyed Paper Pages for your Junk Journals
Learn how to make tea dyed paper pages that you can use in your junk journals, then download and print out the free tea dyed printables to coordinate with them.
the top 10 guided journals for creating your best year ever cover image with text overlay
10 Guided Journals for Creating Your Best Year Ever
Create your best year ever with these year-long guided journals
someone is stitching together fabric to make a mini - journal
Make Your Own Stitched Mixed Media Mini-Journal
Learn how to make a stitched mixed media mini-journal that tells a visual story.
an open planner with flowers and a mug on it next to the words how to make a creative manifestion journal
How to Make a Manifestation Journal
Learn how to make your own creative manifestation journal then use it as a place to dream big dreams and achieve your goals in a fun and creative way.
an image of the moon with text that reads get started moon mailing using journal cards
New Moon Manifesting using Journal Cards
Learn how to develop a regular moon journaling practice using moon manifesting cards.
an open book sitting on top of a table next to scissors and other crafting supplies
Simple Guidelines For Making a Creative Vision Board Journal
Use these simple guidelines to help you get started making a vision board journal to manifest your dreams and goals.